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Flipper International School follows the Ethiopian National Curriculum in conjunction with the Cambridge International Curriculum. We also follow the Montessori Educational System of ‘play and learn’ in our Early Years. The school currently provides both Ethiopian National Examinations and Cambridge Standardized Assessments at Primary school and Secondary school levels. Our Covid prevention methods also mean we now have a smaller teacher student ratio, ensuring that each pupil is given individually tailored attention while maintaining social distancing. 

Education at Flipper International School

Within the Ethiopian and British National curriculum framework the school follows play and learn educational philosophy for preschool age children. The school has also integrated aspects of the Montessori educational system at the Early Years level.

The following subjects are taught at grade levels:

  • English, Math, Science, Geography, Design & Technology and ICT - extracted from the Ethiopian Curriculum and the British National Curriculum
  • Ethiopian nationals take Amharic classes from KG level onwards
  • In addition to the Amharic language classes, Ethiopian Nationals take environmental science starting from Grade 1 level and Citizenship from Grade 4 onwards (in Amharic).
  • Physical Education, Music, Art are also part of the curriculum
  • French will be given as an additional language from Grade 2 onwards
  • Social Emotional Learning is incorporated in the curriculum from early years to grade levels. Students attend once a week SEL class.

Standard examinations:

  • British National Examination at Grade 1 (the Year 2 equivalent of the British National Curriculum Standard) and Grade 5 (the Year 6 equivalent of the British National Curriculum Standard)
  • Ethiopian National Examination at Grade 8

Flipper International School works closely with parents to:

  • Support students to grow socially, emotionally and physically; and
  • Enforce positive learning behaviour