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Covid updates

2020 has thrown a curveball at the world with a global pandemic, but the show must go on! Although classes were disrupted for several months, we quickly adopted distant learning to ensure our students don’t miss out. The well-being of our students and staff is always our top priority, and now that we are back in the classroom, we have adopted a few changes and taken extra precautions to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. 

Early Years 

  • All staff and students have their temperatures taken at the gate and face masks and shields are always mandatory on school grounds.
  • Classrooms, snack areas and snack boxes are disinfected daily 
  • Students will be assigned in a bubble group with their teachers, assistant teachers and attendants and we will ensure that they stay in contact with only that group throughout their school days.
  • Parents / Family members and visitors are not allowed to enter the school compound. All face- to -face communications between the school and parents/ guardians is through pre-arranged appointment where the Branch Management confirms the time and date of the scheduled meeting.

Primary and Secondary 

  • Students’ temperatures are checked before they leave their cars at the drive through that has been set up at the main gate. A student with a body temperature of 37.7 or higher will be sent home 
  • If a student on school grounds is found to have a temperature of 37.5 or higher, s/he will be kept in our isolation treatment room until they’re picked up. All students in the person’s class will also have their temperature checked following this. 
  • Parents with children attending different Flipper International School branches are required to keep all their children at home if any one of them shows symptoms.   
  • Students that have tested positive are required to bring two subsequent negative test results taken 24 hours apart in order to resume classes. Alternatively, students can also quarantine for three weeks and receive an authorization from the school nurse before they’re allowed to return to school.  
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