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Extracurricular Activity Program

The extracurricular activity program at Flipper International School is designed to provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and develop new skills outside of the classroom. The program has been successfully implemented in both the Summit and Beklobet branches for a month. 

The program offers a wide range of activities that cater to different interests and abilities. Students can choose from various sports such as football, basketball, and taekwondo. These activities are led by experienced coaches who provide students with training and guidance to help them improve their skills.

In addition to sports, the program also includes computer programming classes. These classes are designed to teach students the basics of coding and programming, which are essential skills in today's digital world. The classes are taught by qualified instructors who use interactive teaching methods to make learning fun and engaging. 

Another popular activity in the program is art and design. This activity allows students to explore their creativity and express themselves through various art forms such as painting and drawing. The classes are led by skilled artists who provide students with the necessary tools and techniques to create their own masterpieces. 

Overall, the extracurricular activity program at Flipper International School is a great way for students to develop new skills, make friends, and have fun outside of the classroom. The program is well-organized, and the activities are led by qualified instructors who are passionate about their subjects. Students who participate in the program can expect to gain valuable experiences that will help them succeed in school and beyond.